10 Unusual and Unique Reasons to Ship a Car

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When it comes to auto transport, it takes all kinds.

Usually when private vehicle shipment is contracted, it is in support of a career transition. One, or both, of the wage earners in a family garner a promotion, or a lateral transfer accompanied by a pay raise, and relocate for professional advancement.

But, that’s certainly not the only reason to arrange for auto transport. Here are some you may not have thought of and maybe one that resembles your situation.

1. Military families

Like the fairly common situation of the family who moves for career reasons, we also take pride in serving those who serve our country. When our service members get transferred from one base to another, we help make the transition as seamless as possible by taking care that their personal vehicles are there waiting for them on their new base.

2. College-bound kids and the parents who love them

The college experience is hard enough – away from the family, maybe for the first time ever. Demanding course work. Sprawling, crowded campus. Off-campus apartment miles away. Bicycle commuting may be a romantic idea but difficult to pull off in congested college towns or in northern climates. Now families can ensure that their college age children have reliable, if not luxurious, transportation.

3. Snowbirds, retirees, and leisure lovers

It could be funky and bohemian like Tubac, Arizona, or Marfa, Texas. Or Papa Hemingway’s old stomping grounds in the Florida Keys. It could be Lake Tahoe, Charleston, or any peaceful glade in between, as long as the living is easy. Retirees regularly hire vehicle shippers, like CarsArrive, to transport their cars from one seasonal home to the next. Let’s see, maybe Alaska in the summer to bask in the warm sun of those long, long days?

4. Special delivery – surprise!

One of our drivers tells the story about the anniversary gift he once delivered. The couple had been married for 25 years but were separated for 8 months due to the husband’s work. They were each spending every other weekend on a plane, at the airport, back and forth. His assignment was coming to an end within a few weeks of the anniversary date. They used to love taking long scenic drives together, mostly on rutted dirt roads, called two-tracking.

In a grand gesture, the still-smitten husband had a plucky, 4-wheel-drive Jeep delivered to their driveway on the morning of their anniversary. Our driver stopped around the corner, just before arriving, to tie a big red bow to the roof.

5. Respectful handling of inheritances

Occasionally we are contacted by executors of estates to make sure that deceased individuals’ last wishes are fulfilled. We work with their offices to deliver all types of vehicles to their new owners, securely and promptly.

6. Online purchases

It’s becoming less rare these days that tech-savvy car lovers get just what they’re looking for over the internet. What with email and video calls, you can view a vehicle inside and out before purchase. And, buying it online introduces an undeniable element of price competition that often pays for the cost of shipping and then some.

7. Taking special toys in for repairs

Most of us can take our car to the local auto body shop or the dealer when something’s not working right. But for the discerning car fan, not just any repair shop will do. Because they refuse to own just any car. Kit cars, high-end imported makes, and classic cars may need special treatment that’s just not available in some locales.

8. Running the race circuit

For her fortieth birthday, Janine’s husband paid her tuition to race car school. By the time her next birthday rolled around, she was competing “for fun” on regional amateur circuit. She wasn’t yet ready to commit to the sport as a lifestyle and so was hesitant to purchase her own trailer and truck to haul it. Until that time comes, if it does, she finds it much easier to hire a hauler. After all, her hot rod isn’t exactly street legal.

9. Sending the Rolls Royce home – classic car heaven?

Another friend tells the story of his father’s pride and joy, his 1933 Rolls Royce, a gleaming black four-door limousine. His dad finally decided to sell it. The new owner got half-a-dozen miles away before blowing a hole in the engine block. They hired a flat bed to return it to the proud papa who refunded the money in full. Much to his lasting chagrin, he didn’t have access to the parts needed to fix this left-side drive gem. Years later, after his father had died, the car was sent to the great beyond, too. England, that is. Thanks to the growth of the internet in general and Hemmings.com in particular, the son was able to find a buyer across The Pond who did have access to original and replacement parts. The car made the return trip without incident, and we like to think it’s happily ensconced in a private collector’s museum.

10. Collectors, show cars, and “trailer queens”

Classic car show judges have very tight guidelines for rewarding points to their vehicular entrants. Dings in the paint, miles on the odometer, don’t even think about debris in the grille. Very committed, successful car show competitors wouldn’t dream of driving their showpiece to the show. They hire a reputable, dependable hauler to pick up and drop off their beauty with the white glove handling that every star deserves.

What’s your unusual and unique reason for shipping a car?

We can’t wait to hear your story and deliver your car wherever you need it to go, whatever the reason. Please share your story with us by e-mailing to mycar@carsarrive.com.

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