CarsArrive Food Drive Supports Move For Hunger

Stephanie Freeman |

CarsArrive has partnered with non-profit Move for Hunger to host a month-long food drive. The drive began on Monday, July 15, and will run through Monday, August 12. The CarsArrive team has found several ways to make giving back fun!

The theme of the food drive is “Can the CEO.” CarsArrive employees aim to fill up CEO Michael Briggs’s office with cans so that he can no longer work in it and must work from a cubicle. Additionally, if employees meet their goal of making Michael’s office unusable, he will wear a shark costume to work on the final day of the drive in honor of Shark Week!

Other KAR companies located in the Mesa, Arizona, office building, including OPENLANE, RDN/CLEARPLAN and PWI, are invited to support the cause and make food donations of their own.

Only five days into the competition and the office has already collected a heaping amount of cans. The CarsArrive team is well on their way to “Canning the CEO”!

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