CarsArrive Wraps Up Successful Food Drive

Elise Johns |

From July 15 through August 12, CarsArrive Network partnered with non-profit Move for Hunger for an office-wide food drive. Over the month-long effort, the CarsArrive team collected over 1,200 food items and over $1,200 that will benefit Move For Hunger and the Midwest Food Bank in Gilbert, Arizona.

CarsArrive Food DriveAll the collected food items were stored in the office of CarsArrive CEO Michael Briggs. As the end of the drive drew near, Michael’s office was overtaken by cans and other food items, making the theme of the event, “Can the CEO,” ring true.

Because the team hit their collection goal, as promised and in honor of shark week, Michael wore a shark suit to work and visited the entire Mesa office.

Kudos to the CarsArrive team for finding ways to make their philanthropic efforts fun! And special shoutout to the CarsArrive food drive team members Tasha Wallace, Brooke Gavan, Jessica Wilson and Samuel Mazariegos for their role in pulling off an awesome and impactful event.

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