Dependable Transport Services: What to Look For When Moving Your Vehicle

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Moving vehicles from place to place is often a fact we take for granted. But what happens when you need to quickly move your car to another state, or perhaps, across the country? Finding dependable transport for your vehicle is imperative. If you've never had to ship a car across country or overseas, you might not be familiar with specialized transportation services. If you need to move a vehicle and you're not sure what questions you should be asking, take a look at the below tips:

Car Conditions

Ensuring your car is in the right state for travel is an important part of vehicle transport. Almost all car transport companies recommend removing all items from your car prior to transport (for safety reasons); however, some will allow up to 100 lbs of extra storage inside of your vehicle. If there are items you plan on leaving in your car, make sure the transport company allows you to store extra weight inside.

Time of Year

There are actually prime times to ship your car throughout the year. In general, you'll save a few hundred dollars by shipping your vehicle in the winter, rather than the summer. So, if you can work it out, try to plan your transport time accordingly.

Distance Car Purchasing

Over 90% of all people shopping for a car look online first, and over 30% of these people would purchase a car online. Purchasing a car online can lead to shipping charges, depending on the location of the vehicle. Finding a dependable transport service (if one is not provided) will be extremely important in determining the total cost of your on-line vehicle purchase. Researching the price difference between enclosed and open transport will also help you narrow down your options.

If you need to have a vehicle moved a long distance, you'll need to select a dependable transport service provider. Understanding your needs, as well as the best service available, will help ensure your vehicle is transported safely, swiftly, and securely.

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