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Whether you’re a retiree shipping your classic hot rod to an auto show or a young family shipping the minivan to the new city where your promotion is, you are in good company. All types of people ship all types of vehicles all over the world for all kinds of reasons.

While your specific situation is important in logistical planning as well as in projecting a proper price estimate, the particulars of preparation for auto transport are similar enough that you can use this guide to prepare for your move.

Find a professional auto transport partner whom you can trust

We have talked about how to choose a vehicle mover in many of our previous blog posts. You can do most of your research online, unless you prefer working over the telephone. Speaking of due diligence...

Research premium auto transport services to your level of comfort

Our ideal customer is an informed client. If you have any questions about a vehicle shipper’s process, pricing, experience, and other aspects of the business, be sure to ask. The answer you receive and the manner in which it is given will help inform your decision.

Have your schedule finalized, but remember that flexibility is best

It’s true that auto transport companies, like CarsArrive, can offer vehicle pick up within 24 hours as well as expedited shipping and guaranteed pick-up and delivery timeframes. Keep in mind that those premium services come at an extra charge. The least expensive approach is when you are able to allow some flexibility in pick-up and drop-off dates.

Be sure to know your schedule before submitting quote requests. Time of year can affect pricing and the availability of drivers and equipment to serve your needs. Besides, any changes made to your timeframe after the fact may result in additional fees.

Use sturdy plastic storage containers to pack up your cab’s interior

Since no loose or non-standard items are allowed to be shipped with the vehicle, you’ll need to pack and ship them separately. This includes things like car seats, map books, CD changers, radar detectors, and such. If you like to keep your pair of roller skates or golf clubs in the trunk, you’ll need to remove them. In addition, remove all after-market items on the vehicle’s exterior, such as roof racks, bicycle racks, extra antennas, and so on. You can read more specifics about how to prepare your vehicle for shipping in our handy checklist.

Record video of the exterior and interior of your vehicle

In the unlikely event that damage occurs in transit, having dated video or photographic evidence of the condition of the vehicle prior to departure is very helpful for the claim filing process.

These days, as smartphones are becoming ubiquitous, it means much less hassle and cost to take a two-minute video. Simply document all existing scratches, dings, dents, and other blemishes so that they’re accounted for. Do this just 1-2 days before the shipment. You will repeat this visual inspection process with a company representative prior to signing the bill of lading.

Keep your paperwork handy

Create a folder for all the of the pertinent documentation. This includes a copy of your own auto insurance as well as the auto transporter’s information.

The following questions can help you understand your vendor’s damage coverage:

  • What happens in the unlikely event of damage during shipping?
  • What is your claims process?
  • Whose responsibility is it?
  • What protection is provided with my transport quote?
  • Do you hold primary coverage or will I have to go through my own provider?
  • Do you have trained staff who are dedicated to this sort of thing?

CarsArrive, for example, maintains a full-time, licensed in-house vehicle protection team and provides up to $100,000 worth of physical damage coverage. This serves as primary coverage to better protect our customers.

Other documents to keep on hand are your sales receipt, the executed bill of lading, and of course, any other paperwork provided by the auto transporter or the driver.

Prep your vehicle for its new climate

If you’re your family’s Fahrvergnügen is being shipped somewhere that’s far from warming, then you will want to take cold protection measures, anything from snow chains to topping off the antifreeze. We recommend taking it to your mechanic and discussing the move with them. They’ll make recommendations appropriate to keep your vehicle in prime working condition wherever you may roam.

When you’re ready to work with CarsArrive as your trusted auto transport partner, just fill out the custom rate quote. We look forward to working with you.

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