What Affects the Cost of Auto Transport?

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Need to get your car across the country? Auto transport is a time saver, and a potential money saver, when you consider that your alternative would be driving the vehicle yourself. Adding mileage to your vehicle, wear and tear, paying for gas and -- depending on the length of the trip -- staying overnight at hotels and buying meals en route, can all add up.

When looking at car shipping rates, it is important to know what factors what will affect car shipping quotes and delivery times. With this information on hand, you will be better equipped to make an educated decision.

Bus vs. Taxi

Car shipping companies generally provide you with an option. Either you can have your car shipped by itself, or you can have it shipped on a multi-car carrier. Think of it in terms of a bus vs. a taxi. The taxi is much more efficient taking only one passenger directly to their destination, while the bus, accommodating many passengers, takes longer but it much less expensive. 

Choosing to ship the car by itself will naturally be more expensive, as the car shipping company is more efficient when it ships more than one car at a time. Depending on the dimensions of your vehicle, you may not have the option of shipping your car with other vehicles, so it is important to check with the company and see whether they have a carrier that can accommodate your vehicle.

Special Cases

You will find the quote to be cheaper if you choose an open carrier, as opposed to an enclosed carrier.

By choosing an open carrier, your car will be exposed to weather and road conditions, but most vehicles are made to withstand those anyway. The one exception may be antique car transport.

Choosing an enclosed carrier, or a special carrier that reduces pressure on the vehicle, will be the safest option if you are transporting a vehicle that must not be exposed to the elements.

Your Particular Car and Situation

Auto transport prices are also largely dependent on where your car is loaded, where it ends up, and how heavy your vehicle is. If your car is being dropped off in a secluded location, where the roads are unable to accommodate a normal carrier, then your price will go up. You will also see higher costs for long distance transport, heavier vehicles, and expedited delivery services.

Whenever using auto transport, remember to inspect your vehicle before it is shipped. This will allow you to identify whether any damage was caused in the course of transport. Understanding which factors will contribute to an increased cost can help you to separate the reasonable quotes from those that are unnecessarily inflated, and help you to choose the best company for the job.

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