What to Expect When Moving Your Vehicle During Winter

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It is our nature as humans to plan for life events, but much like winter weather, there are things we cannot anticipate or control. You may be planning to ship a vehicle back to college for your student, or you may need your vehicle during that extended winter vacation booked months ago. However, you may not have anticipated having to buy a car online after a recent accident, or you may have to quickly relocate after accepting a job opportunity that starts in the new year.

Whatever situation you may find yourself in, CarsArrive Auto Relocation is here to help you make a smooth transition by moving your vehicle. Since the winter months present a unique set of circumstances for travel, here are some things to keep in mind when shipping your vehicle during this time.

You may spend less than usual

Since more people move during the spring and summer months, prices tend to be higher for moving services throughout that time. And while it is true that there are fewer vehicle carriers on the road during the winter, this does not drive up the cost of shipping a vehicle because fewer people are moving, so the demand is not as great. If you can plan to move your vehicle in the winter, it has the potential to save you a few hundred dollars.

Your carrier options may be limited

With fewer vehicle carriers on the road in the winter, you may not have as many options when choosing the type of carrier you want your vehicle to travel on. If your vehicle will travel through a region prone to snow, you could opt for an enclosed carrier to protect it from the elements. However, remember that an open carrier exposes your vehicle to the same conditions as you would driving it, and it is the much less expensive option.

You may need to be flexible with timing

While the best vehicle shipping option may seem like the one with the lowest price, be aware that it may not get your vehicle moved as soon as possible. Vehicle shipping companies often try to ensure there are as few empty spaces on their carriers as possible to make them more cost efficient and help save customers money. However, they may wait until a carrier is full before releasing it, which may result in delays for you.

Your safety will be your top priority

Whether you are a seasoned driver on icy and snowy roads or not, attempting to drive your vehicle across the country during the winter can be a dangerous and regrettable journey for you. The good news is that vehicle shipping companies hire professional, trained drivers who are equipped with carriers that can better weather the elements, so you can rest assured that you and your vehicle will arrive safely at your destination.

You may have to consider the weather

As we have seen during the nation's most significant winter storms, weather conditions can force closures for parts of major interstates and highways, which can delay the vehicle carrier in route to you. Whenever possible, it is recommended that you schedule your vehicle shipment in a way that allows for potential weather delays, and remember that while they cannot control the weather, carriers should prioritize safety for all.

If you think shipping your vehicle during the winter is right for you, get an instant quote now or call 877.825.4143 to discuss your options with one of our customer service representatives.

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