Motorcycle Shipping

Motorcycle shipping that vrooms

Motorcycles can be a way of life. Kicking that bike into gear, opening up the throttle, and feeling the open road beneath you is an amazing feeling. But if you need to move your motorcycle long distances – for a move or to a show on the other side of the country – riding it there may not be your best option.

We share your passion for these beautiful machines and understand all the intricacies that go with their move, so you can feel at ease knowing that we handle everything with care. We ship over 4,000 motorcycles annually, including personal motorcycles, corporate relocations, and dealer transfers.

How much does motorcycle shipping cost?

If you’re preparing to move or getting everything ready for a motorcycle rally, there are going to be a lot of moving parts involved in getting your motorcycle where it needs to go – and cost is probably something you’re weighing the most. So we want to help our customers understand what kinds of things factor into the final price of shipping a motorcycle. Here are a few of the main factors that affect the cost:

Make and model: Larger and heavier bikes take up more space, which is why they cost more to ship. Luxury, vintage, and exotic motorcycles may also require special handling, which can also come at a higher price.

Distance: Shipping a motorcycle by truck takes fuel and drive time, so distance is factored in the price – although shorter moves are typically going to cost more per mile.

Service and transport choices: Depending on how you want your bike picked up and dropped off, as well as whether you want to use an open or enclosed carrier, the price is going to vary.

Time of year: This is more of an indirect factor. If you’re thinking about shipping in the winter, you’re probably going to want to use enclosed shipping. That means it’s going to cost a little more than shipping during warmer months.

Pickup and delivery locations: Our carriers need room to safely load and unload the bike. If they need to meet you somewhere or make special accommodations to pick it up, that can affect the overall price.

Timeframe: Do you need your motorcycle during a specific timeframe? How far out are you booking? We may be able to expedite the motorcycle shipping process, but it’s cheaper if you book long in advance and remain flexible about the delivery window.

How are motorcycles transported?

In addition to your options when it comes to how you want your bike picked up and dropped off, you have two main choices when it comes to the shipping itself:

Do you want to ship it on an open or enclosed trailer?

Unlike shipping other vehicles, where open shipping is far and away the most common option, motorcycle shipping is usually done using enclosed trailers that can carry many bikes at once while offering the most protection. This is because motorcycles are smaller and more susceptible to damage due to factors like inclement weather and road debris, but for shorter distances, open shipping may be the better, faster option.

Do you want to use roll-on, roll-off service or palletized shipping?

Roll-on, roll-off service is the most common option. Motorcycles are carefully rolled into place in the back of a fully enclosed carrier and safely secured to the floor and sides of the trailer using soft tie-down straps connected to I-bolts.

If you want to give your bike a premium ticket to ride, then palletized motorcycle shipping is the way to go. This option involves first rolling the motorcycle on to a wooden pallet, where it’s securely strapped down to ensure that no wiggling or jostling can occur before being loaded onto an enclosed transport truck.

CarsArrive Auto Relocation offers the most motorcycle transport options to choose from

What’s the best way for us to receive and deliver your motorcycle? Do you want us to pick it up and drop it off, or is it more convenient to drop off and pick up at a service center? We give you the option to pick and choose exactly how you want it, so you can find the exact service to fit your needs and your budget.

Choose the shipping method that meets your needs

Shipping Service


Carrier Direct Service

Typically, the most cost-effective option. At origin, our vehicle carrier will meet you at a nearby parking lot to collect your vehicle within a 3- to 5-day window. Upon arrival in the destination city, the vehicle carrier will meet you at a nearby parking lot to release the vehicle.

Shipping Service


Service Center to Service Center

A balance of cost and convenience. Drop your vehicle at one of our 100+ service centers on the date of your choosing. We will deliver to a destination service center on a date that works for you.

Shipping Service


Service Center to Door

Savings at origin and convenience at destination. Drop off your vehicle at one of 100+ service centers any date you choose. Final delivery to your driveway or office at destination is completed on a pre-scheduled appointment date.

Shipping Service


Door to Service Center

Your vehicle will be picked up from your driveway or office at origin on your specific requested date. Once your vehicle arrives at our destination service center, you can pick it up at your convenience.

Shipping Service


Door to Door

The ultimate in convenience… no hassles, complete care. Your vehicle will be picked up from your driveway or office at origin on your specific requested date. Final delivery to your driveway or office at destination is completed during a pre-scheduled appointment.

Just click to start your quote, fill out some basic information about your motorcycle and your move, and we’ll show you estimates of what you’ll pay for each shipping option.

The value of knowing your bike is traveling safe

Transporting a motorcycle can be tricky unless you have expensive equipment and the experience to do it just right, and riding cross-country comes with even more hassle and risks – to bike and rider. That’s why letting the pros handle it is your best bet to save time, money, and hassle.

CarsArrive Auto Relocation makes shipping a motorcycle simple and easy, giving you peace of mind knowing that you and your baby will make it to your destination safe and sound.

We’re a trusted source in motorcycle shipping and the only company that can boast 98% on-time delivery, 98.8% damage-free vehicles, and 14-day delivery. We are confident in our services, and you should be too, because if anything does go wrong, we’ll make it right.

Frequently asked questions

Just like the cost of shipping a vehicle, travel time is another thing that depends on different factors. Weather, traffic, and other things can play a small role, but the main factor is availability.

No matter what option you go with, your motorcycle is going to be shipped with several (if not dozens of) bikes. To make that economical, enough vehicles need to be loaded on the transport truck – sometimes that happens right away, sometimes it takes a few days.

Delivery typically takes a few days to a week, but if availability is low, it may take up to two weeks. After you book your service, we’ll send you a date range that gives you the estimated delivery date, but the final date and time may vary slightly.

If you need to pick up or have your bike delivered on a very specific date, our logistics gurus can expedite the motorcycle transport process to make that happen. Just be aware that expedited motorcycle shipping services cost more than standard.

Motorcycles don't require much prep before transport. Like with other vehicles, we recommend washing it and documenting any existing scratches, dents, and other minor damage with photos before the departure date.

It's okay to leave fuel in the tank, and you don't need to worry about draining any other fluids. Just make sure that the tires are properly inflated, the steering is unlocked, and any alarms are disabled or removed before transport.

Because our transport drivers are only licensed to ship your motorcycle, they cannot be covered in transit. That's why we require all personal items – including helmets, saddlebags, and other gear, as well as things like aftermarket parts – to be removed before transport.